irfan khan interview:


Excerpts from the interview:

How do you feel right now? Any pre-release jitters?
I am excited, I am not nervous at all. We don’t usually get these kinds of stories to work on. The kind of romance in the movie is like what we have seen in our childhood, that old charm! And there are characters with whom you can relate to. So yes, it is exciting. We are waiting for audiences to see this film.

You are doing back to back romantic-comedy film…
This was just a coincidence I got back to back rom-com films. This was possible because after people saw me in Piku, they thought that I could romance. (Laughs)

Are you comfortable with your style of romance or you want to step in the zone of Shah Rukh Khan romance? 

Everyone has their own way of romancing and I have my style of romance and I will stick to it. Dusra koi kaise romance karta hai usse mera kya lena dena hai

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